Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welfare qualifications...

Why are most of the states adopting a policy of raising the acceptable income level for qualifying for welfare and other government assistance programs when the system is already going bankrupt? Doesn't this directly conflict with any solution to unemployment? Instead of doing whatever it takes to create more jobs, we are just going to make it easier to get welfare?!?!? This is insanity!! Clearly, there is no desire from the government to halt this, as 38 states have adopted the policy without any difficulty. This sounds like a vicious circle to me. We are losing thousands of jobs (contributing taxpayers) while the money (or non-existing money) paid in by those who are still working is being handed out to people paying with food stamps and then climbing into a Denali in the parking lot!! I have heard several people tell me that they get more money from welfare and unemployment than they would working a full-time job. And now, with Obamacare you don't even have to work for a company that provides benefits. As a matter of fact, there is already speculation that companies are going to start dropping insurance beneifts all together.

So, what do we do about this problem? Answer...JOBS!!! It's very simple. Instead of passing Obamacare, they should have been putting the skids to "free trade". Now instead of bringing jobs back to America, we are condoning a socialistic society that will be controlled by the government. This is the intent of the Feds, as they make most of our countries decisions as it is.


  1. I agree... and unfortunately this is a multi-faceted problem. For one thing, Americans in general are spoiled and will not work for just any wage. So... the immigrants are taking the low-paying jobs while others are being outsourced to India. Everyone wants everything and they want it yesterday. I wish we could go back to some and I mean SOME of the values of the 40s where people worked for a living, lived simply, and appreciated what they had. There are other parts of that, such as bigotry, that I would not want.. but you know what I mean.

  2. What people do not realize is that the very technology that we crave is also replacing us in the work force. Why else do you think companies are able to complete all of the same tasks with half of the people? We will never see anything close to resembling the 40s, Americans have lost touch with whole "family morals" movement. Our children aren't raised by thier parents anymore because both parents are out working or hunting for work. In the mean time, our children have the xbox or wii or the internet babysitting them.

  3. Which is sad, really. I think if the Amish people accepted lesbians, I would be one.