Thursday, November 11, 2010

Made in China...

You see it everywhere you look these days. Flip over your coffee mug (when it's empty of course) and you will most likely see it written on the bottom. What ever happened to made in America and the feeling of pride that came along with it. I'll tell you what...commercialism. America is the worlds largest consumer and this is not an accident. From the time we can understand a television commercial we are bombarded with ads. As adults, we have been conditioned to want the best technology available to us no matter the cost. Once you have your own children, guilt comes into play (you parents know what I mean). Is it really necessary to have an xbox, wii, PlayStation and every other gaming console available at the same time? Games for these consoles average $50 a piece!! Do we really need HD TVs in every room with 3000 channels? No we don't. I admit, it is nice to have nice things and those of us who work hard for them deserve them. My point is that we are a culture driven by marketing. We have let all of the products be outsourced to China, India and Mexico. This is done because it is cheaper for a company to have their product made there by a person who will most likely never be able to purchase the product. Then, pay for it to be exported back into the country and sell to us at an incredibly inflated price because (we demand it). Soon the tables will turn on us and we will not be the consumer anymore, this pattern can only last for so long. Especially with a 9 trillion dollar deficit that our government will leave us holding after it collapses. What will happen when we can no longer buy (well, with I-owe-you's anyway) the worlds products? What can be done to bring jobs back to America? Why is this not possible? Can someone please give me a reason that does not include greed?

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